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Offline Svetlana

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* * * World Owner 500 EC
Lv 150 Dragon Crossbow 350 EC
Full Dragon Lv 150 LA Set with all accessories 1.3k EC ALL
* * * Dragon Bow 250 EC
Fire Horse 250 EC

Pm me in-game! :)
Username: Svetlana (l is capital i)
I am not taking any remade offers. I am looking for what I offer. c:

Offline Harry

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I'd like to buy your Dragon bow please. Attempted to pm you in-game, you're offline.

EDIT: Sorry, just worked out how insanely overpriced that is. Buying gold = Cheaper.
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Offline ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)MokoLoko

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can i buy dragon rings? 130ec each (if clean)
I am Tyson in the ring
So progressive with the flow
Better hope you have insurance if I spot you at your job
For trying to box with me - you'll be boxing with God
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