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Genie and Wizard

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Hello! umh... can anyone teach me about the Genie skill and Stats...
and my character build....for my Wizard

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A lot of wizards use dex built genie (spark,holy path, expel,Absolute domain,and Badge of courage and so on.
Atm i use Magic/vit genie(so no spark  1 hit for me) but i would try both to see how you do o.o both mass pk and 1v1 :D
Oh and for build :o throw it all in magic xD get r8 and as much channeling u can get :O
Or another option is to get Tanky r8 gear but you have to be pretty wealthy or lucky :P

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qt or clemy or somebody should post a wizard guide lol.

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Like spiderguy said alot of wizards use dex build genie.
#2-Absolute Domain
#3-Extreme poison
#5-Badge of courage
#7-Wind shield
#8-Holy Path
You shold use 120 dex why? because of spark and 100% succes for badge of courage,like 60 magic and rest vit (120+) LP genie if you got less just put less magic :tiger-3: :tiger-2:


MG genie for both PK and 1v1 :
100MG, 30DEX, rest VIT. Reason why you want 30 dex is to extend Extreme Poison's and Fortify's time with 1 sec, it's pretty much the difference between killing and getting killed.
Will Surge
Extreme Poison
Holy Path
Spark(it still boosts the damage a lot with 30 dex, 1 crit in a 2 fire skills combo is enough to hiero, in my case anyway)
Dex genie is of no use to MG's in mass PK, first because nova can't be countered without using AD (which is a suicidal move if you use a low regen rate genie). Also 1v1 wise, dex genie against a good sin doesn't help at all, freeze and silence's time is enough to kill a MG. Only class that it could help against is WR, not against a good 1 though, that knows how to get through it. Overall, the mag genie I described above, if you're just a spark relying wiz that can't kill anything unless you hit 40k's a blow, then I suggest using dex genie for a kill, followed by imminent death.