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Hello GM`s

There is a small problem.
Checks times please where the boxes of the Treasure Map will spawn.
It happens more often that they will spawn in mountain cliffs edge
and not coming to the Boxes to digg them.
And that's, I think, not the meaning of this quest.

Friendly greetings


It happens more often now for sure, but rest assure, Agatio knows about it

Alexypk assisted us yesterday with a Treasure Hunt boss that was stuck and kept on regenerating himself, and one of the players told him about the treasure chests that were stuck either in a mountain or inside a rock or tree in that same area.

So yeah, they are aware and will definitely see whether something can be done about this.  :smiley:


Yup i had it too a few days ago, was near land of burning heart that my chest was inside a mountain.

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There is a few chests that spawn inside a mountain.  I know of one in land of burning heart, and one in the tb area, I forget the name of the mountain, but it's literally INSIDE it.  And that particular one is the first map, so if I know I got that map, I know it's a loss.

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