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Casting archers.

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1. Hahaha i expected some stupid answer but this...? let me copy all stats that were on archer r8r armors by default.
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Where is that "default casting"? I can't see it, so i'll repeat myself again, THERE WAS NO CASTING EQUIPMENT FOR ARCHERS BECAUSE THEY AREN'T A ROBE CLASS. You added it because you thought it was fun and it gave archers a wider choice of builds, but it only gave them OPness.

2. Did you ever think why there were masses of nerf threads about archers lately? Everyone decided to make those threads out of nowhere for no reason? No, its because a lot of archers hit the casting cap, which made them able to 2v1 with some classes, so MANY PEOPLE started to make threads about this. So its not only my opinion.
Now about game getting ruined, 50% of the population are archers. If those archers all get super casting equipment, they will all be OP, therefore 50% of the server would be inbalanced. Right now, i'd say 30% of those archers are instant cast(if they use chocolate), and and the percentage keeps increasing day by day.

@ those "dont like it then gtfo" people: should i quit a server that i played for few months and spent that time farming? This server used to be decent up to this last month or so, when archers started getting full r8r pieces with 2-3x -3 casting. If I knew this would happen i wouldn't waste time here.

@Shovon "Its not Agation who ruined the game, its all peoples who complains for anything." So let me get this straight: complaining and asking for balance ruined the game...?????? I think it just ruined your base instacast archer by loosing 10% casting and now you're butthurt about it.

Wow damn 6+ years pw experience and still that rookie lvl that u have to qq about how unfair these op ct archers are?....poor guy go play pwi then

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Oy, still bitching about casting archers?

I love when players players say things that I want to say, but can't. So I just quote them instead. :normal-4:

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37:


Actually, I have quit servers that I spent months on farming and stuff because I didn't like the way things were.  Instead of making a fuss about it, I left quietly.  *shrug*
I'm not you.

@ Mikau
Oy, still bitching about casting archers?

Hasn't it been said that casting archers sacrifice other stuff in order to be insta-cast?  Like defense? Oh please, how much? 600 HP? Biggest sacrifice 2k13.

I'm glad that there's -chan on pdef necklaces and belts.  Not because of my archer (my archer is non-cast anyways), but it helps those aa classes that have paper for defense.  On PWI if you wanted -channeling as an arcane class, you gave up so much pdef that a sin just had to fart on you and you'd drop. And? You either pick attack or defense, shouldn't be both.  r8r has -chan on archer stuff on PWI as well.  But it wasn't viable there because it was luck-based; you'd have to spend a lot of money to even have -18% channeling on r8r. 

Here, however, where...you know, you can freely test out different builds, people see something they like and it caught on.  It ain't Agatio's fault that insta-cast archer caught on.  Same with aps--when someone went aps, they sacrificed defenses and in some cases attack power (fist archers come to mind here)BM's have Swords axes fists spears, Archers Bows Xbows slingshots. Want to use fists, wep that was not meant for archers? Sure, then loose attack, skill access, range n get pwned..

I didn't mind the -10% nerf (would've wanted some extra mdef to compensate, but it is what it isCompensate for what? Taking away something that was given to you? Damn, seems like many people took that blessing for granted, as if it was something that they WERE MEANT TO HAVE. Be glad you still got that 10% cast and dont QQ.), but ffs I'm getting tired of the constant QQ about nerfing.  QQ nerf this! QQ nerf that!  Well how's about we nerf your...nvm I don't say that, that's too mean.
Wow damn 6+ years pw experience and still that rookie lvl that u have to qq about how unfair these op ct archers are?....poor guy go play pwi then
1. If I play a class that is meant to take out archers easily (and it did 2 months ago) and instead I get taken out by an archer along with someone else that was helping... what am I meant to do other than ask for balance? Lol.
2. PWI is shit, pay to win, retarded economy and playerbase.

Honestly. I dont know why this thread is still open.
Probably because keeping it open makes GMs look like they give a damn. But really, they don't. :P

Meh, 5v1. Anyway I don't have time to reply to any more posts so I'll just say this: Players, continue to roll classes just cos they're OP, lick more ass and fill Agatio's pockets by donating.
Agatio, continue to side with people that donate, that'll make sure that you have a huge player base ;)
Overall rating: 2/10, server starting to get cancer, people saying biased/irrelevant crap, refusing to acknowledge the current server situation. Inb4 this becomes another failure like deva and everyone quits.
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Honestly. I dont know why this thread is still open.

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1. Hahaha i expected some stupid answer but this...? let me copy all stats that were on archer r8r armors by default.
Again... I did NOT add the channel to the r8 armor. It is there by default. The fact that it is not shown in guides / pwdatabase for some reason, doesn't meant that it's not there.

The only changes I have done to r8 armor are in the patch notes:

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I'm not you.

@ Mikau

You're a freaking moron.

I said DEFENSE, not HP. 

And fist archers do exist on this server.  They would get their asses handed to them because, you know, they're sacrificing DEX to help em pew pew from afar just for a chi-building build.  But they do exist.

And I'm not freaking QQing about it.  I just said that it would've been nice to get an mdef boost from the blessings seeing as they are already there.  Mystics and venos got a pdef boost (and mystics weren't in dire need of one). 

But you know what?  I guess you're just gonna bitch about stuff anyways, so I'm not wasting my breath on you.    When it's all said and done, it is still Agatio's server.  If you don't like it, leave PEACEFULLY, and try to run your own and see how easy it is to balance without pissing a lot of people off.

And FYI...I rolled an archer because I enjoy playing one, not to be the flavor of the month.

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