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Sage or demon?

13 (68.4%)
6 (31.6%)

Total Members Voted: 18

Cleric sage or demon

Offline blackfire

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Which is better for a cleric sage or demon. I mean overall support and DD at same time, not only DD or only support
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Offline Lolly

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It being very good for support cause of the sage heals, while also still having some damage.

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Offline blackfire

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so sage is better?
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Offline Mizotasu‚ô•

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both are good but like always support is sage, demon is more for pk.
but i've seen sage clerics doing a greater pvp job, then demon ones.
so indeed sage would better, since u can have insta cast.
the morai skills are deadly anyway so extra magic buff isnt needed,
to kill people. & sage heals, heal more hp.
if u just wanna see the skill look on ecatomb.net