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Faction/Guild Base

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Brilliant guide :)

See if only I had the time to add pictures and whatnot xD

Rough costs for the base (thought it might help if you gave an idea of the cost)

500 Epic coins (500 EC obviously)
20 Ten Million big notes (200m from pwi boutique agent)
2k Subs (105m from gods giving)
500 Emblems (13.25m from Watcher of Earth)
Total Costs
500 EC

Also you MUST mention about the faction base health!!!
Every day health drops a little, doing dailies brings health back up, if health drops to 0 you lose base.
If you dont have atleast 10 people who you can trust to do the daily quests every day then DONT GET A BASE.
I have about 10 who do it daily and 50 who do its every seconds day and 90 who do it whenever they are prompted to, if they can be bothered.
I have had to offer 10m cash prizes for reaching certain merit values (total contribution from base dailies) to encourage some people to do base dailies, which adds into the costs about 1 billion coins.

Just thought that was relevant info!

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Sorry for short comment but


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Sorry for short comment but


lol theres so much missing :/
i'll be adding a lot but needs research and taking screenies then confirm the research...this while i gotta work and be with family and work on my own side project ;)

plus...u get excited with nothing hahaha
but ty