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Comming back from a small break

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Hello, I stoppedplaying epw cuz of some real life problems and got deseperated of not beeing able to lvl up from 149 to 150 is there any new way of lvling up? whats new, any new gear? what has basically changed in like 5 months?
BTW I'm an archer, please help me just to get used to epw back again

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In 5 months you could've been 150 r8 with epic stats with a average amount of farming ijs  :-\

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The amount of experience to get lvl150 has been reduced.


Welcome back from your small break  ^-^

Many ways of getting that last bit of XP ...I am sure you are aware of them all.

Just a little run down again:

PV, FC, BH's, buying SLS, and after the new SoW update, if you are in a faction with a faction base and you have contribution,you can purchase some leveling scrolls with your contribution too.  They are not Super level scrolls, but it will help bridge a little gap.  Twilight Temple is very good for leveling too.  Experience mobs are giving, has been increased and it really helps.