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Which VoIP software is better/do you prefer?

Teamspeak 3
3 (30%)
Teamspeak 2
0 (0%)
5 (50%)
1 (10%)
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 8

VoIP softwares : Poll

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So the question is pretty easy. What VoIP do you prefer or think is better?

As some of you know I am hosting my own server with dynamic IP that's why I am searching something that I can host on my server with ease and no big limitations.
Due to these requirements TS3 is almost impossible for me to use actually since I can't get more than 32 Slots on my server. I still put it as voting option though.

"What about Skype? Why no Skype as voting option?"
Skype it awesome BUT ... a really really big BUT ... it doesn't offer PTT, it uses a lot resources ( Well for me it's not a big deal. I use it all day long ) , people needs to be called to join if opening a new conversation AND you can't call more than 20 at once ( if I am right )
That's why Skype fails actually for a VoIP software

"Aren't you hosting a TS2 server already? WTF question?"
Yes I do but who cares. I am looking for something new.

What are your experiences with which VoIP software?
What do you recommend ( if any experience provided ) to host on an OWN HOME server?

I am not really used to Ventrilo but I don't mind changing if people can convince me to use it.

I never had anything to do with mumble yet but found it by googling around so my knowledge about mumble equals zero.

Same goes for Raidcall. I heard from it but I never had anything to do with it. Is it good in any way? What does it have what other VoIP doesn't have?

Do not flame this thread, hate or spam in any way. Keep it objective or subjective but don't start insulting others.

Telling it a third time : Don't forget that I am planning to host it on an own home server. So any discussion about TS3 is rather useless.

I am looking forward to your opinions.

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Offline Rinadiel

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I use http://www.razerzone.com/comms Now.

But if I was choosing from your poll list I used to use Raidcall

Offline OnlyTheBrave

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Hmm as I can see both Raidcall and this Razor Coms don't need any own Client software. This is actually pretty useful.
But how is it with the cpu strains? Do they need a lot? How is it compared to skype?

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Offline Feone

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I used vent for about 6 years and I still very much like it.  Good sound quality (though it varies a bit per host), easy to use if you take 5 minutes to  read a basic tutorial and so, so many options.

In Ducks we currently use Teamspeak 3, which offers the same basic functions as vent, im not quite sure on all the details yet because I havnt used it long but both vent and TS3 seem great.

I don't like raidcall much, used it a few times but it just seemed to have less options & crappier sound quality.

Skype does actually have PTT I believe. However it has many downsides as well, it's not really ment as a replacement for gaming VOIP software, its more of a quick video conference or chat rather than open VOIP server.