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BrainPower ORB and other items from 2th BH are nerfed o.o?

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idk if some 1 forgot to put the before update values to these items but they are nerfed now, as i remember they give 5 mill exp and 1k rep, so why they are nerfed now, could tell us GM pls, or was a mistake or what happened, ty :P

if forgot set the values could set it again pls?

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sum1 said that even the values were changed they are still the same if you use them. not sure tho
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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Tooltip value is incorrect, you get the old (higher) value least on Reputation pill.

They are still no-trade though unlike before (tohugh Aga said something on another thread on making them back to normal)