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Greetings Master Agatio, i have one game request from yours. Please make one update for Delta Quest to be possible started with two players like Frost-shadow City ( FC ) and Warsong Wars!!! With My Respect and Consideration, ALTAIR.

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Actually, not that bad Idea

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and then free spam ?
i doubt we will be doing this.
we already reduced to 4.
is there any special reason u need this to be opened for 2 only ?
i can only think of Cinnabar to be digged inside but even so...GV is suppose to be a place where players meet players, althought some of the times is really bad :/ due to scammers, or players that kill others...weirdos lol

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is there any special reason u need this to be opened for 2 only ?

Probably so he can try solo it with 2 clients as appose to 4

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UMMMMMM its fine as is, he prolly just want to be able to do his GV wave 2&3 BH without the drama of trying to find a squad, I can see how he would like it nerffed if that's the case, I personally wouldn't mind not HAVING to wade through getting a squad for 15 min of gv.
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