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Thank you guys

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this is Broniel  :)
i started to play this game like 1 years or more ago and that was soooo happy to me

Um... i just make this topic for my fren(who r hate , love me or met me in pk/faction) u guys.

i got some health problem so i can't control my right arm and hand then before.

so i quit the pk and it will be hard to answer about all pm & Quest

don worry i always on side at epw and u guys :3

ty for read this topic and i hope u guys always be happy :)

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hope everything gonna be ok  :-\

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Ur rl is first always. Same word :hope everything gonna be ok.  :tiger-35:

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I don't know you but i wish you get better as soon as possible. Good luck cya in pk i hope!

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i dont know you personally but  i wish you well. hope you can get back to pk soon.
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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give me itens pls Mr. Rich guy  :rolleyes:
i got some health problem so i can't control my right arm and hand then before.
Too Much Fapping :o jk  :P
anyway i'll pray for your better health and come back soon @ pk(i want to kill your pixel char badly)
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I'm wishing for the best, take care of yourself. :3

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Hey Bron, you may remember me from back in the days of NH! I had something I believe may be similar as I lost movement and feeling of my right leg and for a while I struggled to walk. It ewas nerve damage, which just came on over night for no apparent reason! It's taken many months but the nerve has started to heal now! apparently recovery from Nerve damage takes years. I don't know if yours is similar or not but If it is Nerve damage, taking Vitamin B helps regenerate Nerve Sheath. This is something I had to find out for myself because apparently the medical proffessionals in my country suck a** they also take many months to see you! Anyway friend, whether or not this is relevant to you, I hope you get well soon!

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Get better bro, i dont know you, but just get better hate seeing people in a bad way
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Please take good care of yourself, my thoughts are with you and hope you recuperate quickly

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Bronny ur a good friend buddie and i hope your arm starts feeling better and i can't wait to see you again, this isnt for ever i can tell u that :3 <3

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Wishing you all the best  :tiger-12:

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Feel better, sir.  Take care of that arm, lest there be some noobs who will never experience ya. :)

Stay Classy.
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Take care broni, had fun pking with and against you  :normal-9:
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