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Ducks Vs. Xpendables TW 22.06.13

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Thanks for the amazing TW you guys!

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Nice tw,video and music, thank you for posting ;3

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Nice tw,video and music, thank you for posting ;3

Last one was a tad ironic hahaha.

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LOL @ the first 40 seconds, the "chaoticness" of tw
Nice vid
30 Seconds to Mars - This is War <3
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Love the first song. It fits just perfectly to the TW. <3
Also, thank you for this video Growth, wew I see myself.  :)) GF Xpend, love you Ducks. <3

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Y'ALL WERE FULL MEAN. QQ I wasn't even pulling the first half. When we started I stepped out, met you guys and BOOM africa was on me. ;-; I was like "... QQQQQQ"
I noticed you talked about me. You even remembered my name.  :tiger-8: :tiger-50: I also noticed you said that I lost the cata.. I didn't looooose it. I never had it. C: But the second half I did. My full pro cata pulling skills. You made it look that I dropped in two seconds though due to how fast you made it  :tiger-13:
[9:54:05 AM] ♥: Yes, my Dear One. Rub it, and rub it good.

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My op cata pulling on Shazam :) nice vid ty for the tw
Forever in love


Great TW as always. Ducks and Xpendable only ones getting real fights :)

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nice vid moor<3 gj as awlays
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Awesome TW. Thanks for sharing!

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I swear you guys are so fun to TW. Your welcome that we waited. :)

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Gf,nice video thanks for it

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Great video. 30 Seconds To Mars <3

Was a fun TW. We all sure held up a good fight.

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