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Not sure if right thread,but whatever.Account problem

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About 4-5 months ago or maybe more I started playing on this server and created 2 accounts,one with a sin and one with a wizzard.The thing is,I started playing again and I can't remember the ID or e-mail that I registered my wizz on.My wizard's name is Vicodin,it had around lvl 130 or so and some crap gear,but I would like to have it back.

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If I were you I'd talk to the GMs and see if they would be willing to give the e'mail used for that account, the if you can access the email, you can prove that you are the owner and change the password. I really don't know how to handle the situation, try talking to one of the GMS is all i can say.
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Only Agatio can take care of this so  would suggest you to email him.
The thing is that Agatio went on vacations and will be back only on next Monday.  :-\

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I know that I have to contact the GMs,but the thing is I haven't played for months and I don't know any way to contact them.