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Game crashes

Offline Yamicat

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Hey all, im new to the game and got a big problem D:
When I log into the game, I end up at the char selection/creation screen. When I try to create a new char, I dont get any preview in the race/gender selection screen. Upon clicking customize, the game crashes and a window pops up, telling me to send a bug report.
So, the question now is, how can I fix this?
Help please :(

Offline moo

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Open patcher.exe let it update if it needs to.

If not click verify, let it run and come back in a day or two.

Offline Yamicat

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Tried that already. Patcher is up to date, verify is done already too, but it still didnt fix the problem :(
So, atm im pretty much at a loss and downloading the client - again .__.

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probably something went wrong while patching, i would sugegst downloading the full client again. it will come 100% working  :-\