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What was your best Rank, Points, and Personal points ?

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I pretty much always get rank 1 or 2, since I solo or duo all the time.

First time I checked my personal contri was this sunday, where I got almost 24k.


As far I know on PWI 3000 is max, not sure if Aga changed it here.

Am really not sure xD, I should of ss it. Sorry if I'm incorrect here :P!

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I've heard of it having a limit in PWI, but a mage in our pt gets like 40k over all.......

As for me my highest over all was just over 17k, and I got 700 tokens from the first NW xD Only coz wthere was 4x peeps per nation though.


ok based on my calculations next time i am gonna have 350+ tokens no matter if im gonna be in winning or loosing nation :>
(it was just the study stress, had to preapare for tests while NW, was hard to macro and play :p)

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Rank 2 whit 3 credit yesterday. Total was around ~20k only. And ofc worst nation Flame.

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I think it is capped at 3k per battle lol
Considering that the other Lady also 3k on the dot