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Different colored eyes~?

Offline cookiejar

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First of all; great server. I feel like a child at Christmas with all of the stuff available, one of them being the advanced makeover scroll.
(The scroll enables you to basically play with your character to your hearts content, making one eye significantly larger than the other, so on and so forth.) I was wondering if it was perhaps possible to enable characters to have two different eye colors as well? I'm quite certain I've seen a couple characters run around with heterochromia on another server, but that might as well be the result of me drinking one shots too many....

(Also, if there is such an option available already, I apologize for being a blind klutz =w=')
Err.. I'm babbling again. Sorry. TT; Anyway. Thank you for your time.

Offline Pammy

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I don`t think it`s possible. Lot of people change their char by playing with references(txt files). I looked there - and there you can change only both eyes colour.

Offline Curring

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I usually .ini file most of my chars to get some really nice colours on the hair, eyes ect.
However the eye colour comes under one part and isn't for seperate eyes, I've never seen it done and I've never done it myself so I'd say no, but I'd be happy if someone could prove me wrong. :)