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Advanced Endless Universe (AEU) guide

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Since this one is a little longer and more complicated, I'll make it out of 4 parts. In this first part I'll show you the quest that you need to finish before entering AEU and I'll make it as detailed as possible in case you miss any NPC along the way. 
NOTE: After turning each quest in you will have to talk to the SAME NPC to get another quest and continue the quest chain.

Pre  AEU Quest

Step 1: Go to Luminance city in order to get a pop-up ''Elder Knows best'' You report it to the 1k stream city.
After you turned the quest in at the 1k stream elder talk to him AGAIN to get the quest called "A tiny fib" which will send you back to the Morai area.

Now that you're back to Morai after the 1k stream Elder quest, you should be in the Luminance base talking to one of the NPCs there and getting the quest called "Soul Pains" for which you'll have to kill 7 mobs.

After you have finished, you will be sent to "Luminance Lord Gugg" to turn it in and take the new quest called "Pearl panic".

The new quest should send you to the Corona Elder who will give you yet another easy mob killing quest called "A fitting end".

After finishing that quest you will be sent to the Shroud elder who will send you to the Momentor (Old EU enterance npc) where you'll get a quest called "Into the fray".

Now that you have this quest, you're ready to enter AEU and start with your first run. The entrance of AEU is right above the old EU under this floating rock.

This is the first part of the guide, I'll post the next later on today and the rest hopefully in a day or two.

AEU Rewards:
(After Boss Aurogon's Death)

5 Perfect Elements
18 Universe Chests
12 Damascene Ores

(not sure if the boss drops are random or a fixed amount)

Drake Certificate Quest:

3 Universe Chests

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Quick, hide in the bush!
Okay! Before you start the run you will need at least 8 people in your squad. After you get the 8 people who have all finished the pre AEU quest you're ready to go. The first thing you'll have to do is pick up "Jade dragon Order(s)" from "Prophet Zakaresh". After all of the squad members have it, the squad leader will have to take the PURPLE quest at the same NPC to start the AEU run.
Since there are 3 possibilities to do the AEU run and since they are random, you'll have to know how to do all 3 of them. Here's the guide for the longest and probably the most complicated run from those 3.
If you got this type of run the  first thing that you will see will be 4 mobs and a bush pop up around you. Kill those 4 mobs and wait for the 8 crystals to appear. After the crystals appear 8 people will have to dig them ALL AT ONCE, and it would be easier if someone did a countdown for it.

After you did that, RUN inside of the bush, it will give you stealth and provide cover from Locen, the emperor of flame WHO IS A BOSS that runs in circles and is immune to dmg. EVERY TIME YOU SEE HIM, RUN TO THE BUSH FOR COVER. He hits like a truck and MAY 1 hit you.

Next part involves a forge. This is no ordinary forge, it has magic powers! The main goal of this forge is to provide you anti-invisibility pills which you will need very soon. The first thing that you have to do is kill the mobs that are in front of the forge and gather the drops from them and turn them in (5 at a time).

After you get enough mats you will get a new quest at the forge. Once you start the new quest there will be 3 "pills" that will spawn around the forge. Each of those pills will have 60k hp at the start and the HP will keep rising if you don't hit it. If the hp goes to 120k or if you kill one of the pills the quest will FAIL. An easy way to keep the hp balanced is to have a wiz w/o a weapon on DB on the pills and make sure that the rest of the squad doesn't hit the pills. Once you do manage to keep the hp balanced 3 mobs will appear around the forge, make sure that the people who are not on the Blow/Dampen duty kill those mobs. Now to the Blow/Dampen part. You will need 1 of the people in the squad to take 1 of the 2 quests from the forge when requested. IF the forge says: "HURRY AND BLOW SOME AIR", the person who is taking the quests will need to take the BLOW option. If the forge says: "Add more water, quick!" the person will have to take the Dampen option

After this is done, take the anti-invisibility pill from the forge and right click it. Keep going forward till you encounter "Sceleton Warrior".
You will have to kill at least 3 of them along the way.
The invisible mob:

After you've done so ANOTHER forge will spawn, and 1 member of the squad will have to take the quest from it  which will give you a mask. After you use the mask you will turn into a... rat with a broom ? Don't be afraid! It's just temporary and the point  of turning into a rat is to infiltrate the 2 NPCs (which can turn into bosses) area and talk with him to summon the Beacon which you will have to dig. If the bosses DO notice that you're a fake broom  rat, they will start hitting you and you'll have to kill 1 of them or maybe both.

The Forge:

The 2 NPCs/bosses:

After you kill/talk to those two you will have to dig a beacon, which will allow you to do the next quest. Only ONE person should dig this beacon.

After you've done so, jump down and run into the  blue portal/light to teleport back at the start. Once you did so, turn right and you should see the "Damaged trigram line" which you'll have to fix with the beacon that you've just dug.

After you do this a "Mirror" should appear and depending on how it looks you will have to activate the seal points that are on the ground. For example here, you can see that the middle yellow squares are missing, so you will have to activate ALL but the middle sealing points.

This is how the mirror looks like:

Those are the seals:

Once you've activated them properly, the mirror and the  seals should vanish and activate some sort of a trap that will kill the boss that is running around. You can wait in the bush and watch the boss get killed or proceed to the next part of the quest.
This is how it should look like if you've activated the seals properly:

In the next part you'll have to go on 2  islands and kill 2 groups of mobs, which shouldn't be a problem, these are the locations of the mobs:
1. 1st island:

2. 2nd island:

After this part you will have to kill Locen AGAIN, but don't worry. This time it'll take just a few seconds. The ice that is here is supposed to protect you from his 1 shot fire attack, but since his difficulty lvl is the same as on pwi, that shouldn't bother you here.

The final boss

After you've killed him, jump down in the hole to proceed to the last part of AEU. When you do so so, you should see a big  dragon called Aurogen. YOU HAVE TO BE  VERY CAREFUL AT THIS PART AND WATCH OUT NOT TO KILL THE BOSS TOO FAST. IF YOU DO KILL HIM TOO FAST THE QUEST WILL GLITCH AND YOU'LL FAIL THE AEU RUN. You should let 1 or 2 people poke him slowly till he teleports (which he will do 3 times) after which you can finally kill him. IF you see him have the BLESS BUFF (like invoke) you have to kill the minions that he spawns first before you kill him.

His first appearance:

His last appearance:

Now that he's dead, talk to the npc that will appear to get your Universe chest.
P.S. he will drop an extra 3x universe chests (6x with double drop event on) and some books :) The chests that he drops are untradeable but the quest reward ones can be traded.

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Twin bosses
Time to make the guide for the 2nd type of AEU run.
After you've talked with the main npc to start the AEU run and you get this NPC, this means that you got the 2nd type of AEU. This is probably the easiest and for sure the shortest run that you can get.

After you have started the quest, you will have to go the the MIDDLE island, which you'll reach by crossing 2 bridges. After you've done so you should see a pillar and some mobs around it. What you have to do is PULL the "Sacrificial Wraith Priests" as close as possible to the "Pillar of binding" and poke them to spawn "Thunderbolts" which you'll have to kill in order to destroy the pillar.

After you've killed a few thunderbolts, the pillar should be destroyed and a CRYSTAL should appear. One person will have to take the quest at the pillar which will teleport you on an island. On that island you'll find 1 guard and a bunch of mobs. You will have to kill those mobs AND WATCH OUT NOT TO AOE THE GUARD, because he's super squishy and you may kill him by accident. Once you've done this you will be teleported back to the island with the pillars where you will repeat this 1 or maybe 2 more times with the other pillars.
The crystal:

The guard and the mobs (what's left of them D:):

While you are spawning the guards at least 1 person will have to go on another island and protect those guards from being killed. The point of the guards is to kill a mob that is immune to damage. This is the island and the mob that you have to kill. The alternative way to do this quest without having to slay the pillars is to simply use "Soulburn" (psy skill) or Magical Shackles (cleric skill) on the mob immune to damage and watch him die instantly.
This is the location of the mob:

This is what it looks like after it's dead:

Now that you've done this, you have to return to the first island. You may have noticed while crossing to the island with pillars a guard NPC fighting a huge boss. The boss was immune to damage, but now that you've killed the mob on the previously mentioned island, he will duplicate. The first boss will be immune to PHYSICAL DAMAGE and the second to ELEMENTAL DAMAGE. What you have to do here is kill them at the same time. You will do this by taking them both down to about 200k hp and then preferably do a countdown and have the elemental  DDs take one, and the physical DDs the other one and then kill.
Elemental damage immune boss:
Physical damage immune boss:

After you've done this, another NPC will appear where you will take a quest and JUMP DOWN after you did so.

Now, if you've been reading the previous part of the guide or if you've done an AEU run with another quest, you will notice that the boss in the hole is again the same dragon "Aurogen". Go back the the second part of the guide and check there how to finish this. :)

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This is the 3rd type of the AEU run that you can get.

If you get the "Luminous Jade" NPC you will know that this the balance AEU run.

Now, before you start this you will have to divide your squad in 2 parts. One part will follow one of the NPCs who will run across the bridge once you start the quest and go at one of the spawn spots, the rest will stay at the beginning and kill the mobs at that spawn spot. The point here is to get 200 points  out of... about 600. You get points  by slaying mobs, but the tricky part is that you have to keep the difference between the kills not more than 4, otherwise you will start losing energy.
This shouldn't be an issue here since the mobs die A LOT faster than on regular PWI. There will be 3 groups of mobs that can spawn. One of them are 8 mobs that give 1 point each, second 4 mobs with 2 points each and the third are 2 mobs that give 4 points each.

After you reach the 200 points, you will have to go to the island where the damage immune mob was in the previous part of the guide. His name is Chigo and he is one badass snake. This should go pretty quick, BUT the boss has a badass DOT (damage over time) skill. When the yellow text says to approach him, do so. It will reduce the damage taken. The DOT might 1 shot you after the boss dies, it hits REALLY hard. But if you are lucky enough to have a psy with sage bubble in the squad this shouldn't be a problem at all. BUT before you get to fight him, you will have to destroy a "Portal" first. They will be placed in a circle around the boss' spawn point. Any of them can be the right one, so you should start killing them 1 by 1. If it disappears after about 1m damage it means that it's a fake.
Le seals:
Le boss:

After you've killed him, you will have to fight Aurogen as usual and claim the reward. This is about it, hope the guide helps! \o/

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great guide so far, pics really help! haven't bothered learning how to do AEU so far (seemed too complicated) so can't wait for it to be finished!
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Nice Guide, thanks for your hard work!  :tiger-40:

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Yeah, really nice guide! Thanks! And please add, what are the possible reward for AEU please.
Thank you~
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*update* The guide is complete now, feel free to pm me for mistakes/stuff that I should add, thank you! \o/

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Good work ivan thnx for it !

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OMG u has done an awesome job :)

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TYVM for this guide GGB. it is simply wonderful
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It seems you couldn't get Tiny Fib through the old method since 1.5.3 changed it
 Updated it with the new 1.5.3 Quest-chain edit
You must go to Luminance Village after you took the quests from Teleporter Sol in order to get a pop up which gives you Elder Knows Best
From here you will head to 1k streams elder to report and then take the Tiny Fib quest
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Bump cuz seks sucks

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