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Voting - no cooldown - no gold?

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So... I voted about 2 hours ago. Now I checked the voting page cuz I think I had same problem yesterday and yeah, I could vote again, after 2 hours. So I entered correct captcha, waited till page refreshed and closed. After that I opened voting websites again and I still could vote, . HOWEVER, Im not getting gold from any of those votings, no matter how many times I try. Basically problem is that I can vote without cooldown but I am not getting gold. Can someone help? :o

edit: its kinda like vote doesnt count at all
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new account: CookieVookie
I am having same problem myself no gold after voteing I voted once last nite and once today almost time to revote bet I don't get that gold either but I don't expect gms to fix this until patch is completely fixed some people still having issues getting patched from what I heard

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3 days of voting and I didn't got a single gold either.. wtf is happening ?

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I will look into it tomorrow. Also, for now, please PM the usernames which didn't receive the gold.
not sure how to pm you agatio but floridarebel is my username and my wifes username is tweetyispink2 and she has had same issue voted 3 times and no gold ty for looking into this situation. We are using separate computers on same network. if that helps you solve problem any

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My problem is similar but I press for vote but nothing happen  :'(