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client crash disconnected

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10 minutes after i entered game after update client crahed disconnected then i can not for the love of god enter again it wont let me even if i change link it sais the account is logged in then disconnected from server then again account is logged in and after 10 tries to log back my account i am tired   before x mas update it didnt hapened to me i tried to log another account to se if it works and again same  thing so since i cant log in to play i guess il find another server to play 

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This post saddens me.
Please, if you wanna "threaten" the game about quitting,

== mInD aS wElL FinD aNoTheR sErvEr tO pLaY ==

Please do so immediately. IJS.

Less toxic people, less lag for others.
So, you'll be doing us a favor.

Thank you :)

Offline Nine

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Mate, repair your client, thats litteraly all u need to do. If u don't got time for that, Follow Biscuits route.