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EPW Update v80

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* Custom items have been added. They will be sent within 24 hours.
* Link 5 has been brought back up. The link location is in Quebec, Canada.
* Link 1 & Link 2 destinations have been changed. If you're patching using the manual patch, please make sure you update your serverlist.txt as described below.
* Some fixes regarding the dynamic color presets flickering.
* Christmas Giveaway will no longer be available.
* Faction PVP rewards & announcement have been automated. Top 3 factions will receive their badges each Sunday at 00:00 server time. Note that this is still experimental, and in case there are bugs, the rewards and announcement will be sent manually.

Manual Patch (Alternative link)

serverlist.rar - Extract it into your /patcher/server/ folder if you're patching using the manual patcher. If you're updating via the auto patcher, there's no need to download anything.

* Christmas event will last for 2 more weeks (17th of January).

During the restart, the server might be offline for longer than usual. New link setup requires some changes that need to be made now, but I expect that the downtime will be no longer than 20 minutesple
Please add x2 drop after patch or removal or xmas event. Ty. 
They see me rolling, they hating..

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