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[Retired] Custom Weapon Guide

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Custom weapons can no longer be requested. Use the new gear system to have everything complete automatically.

Custom Weapon Guide

  • This is a private board where you can request a custom weapon.
  • Only you and the developer can see threads and posts on this board.
  • Custom weapons are added with every patch.
  • You can submit and modify your requests on this board each week in the time frame between Saturday 08:00 ST and Thursday 20:00 ST. If your request satisfies all of the requirements, you can expect your weapon to be added to the game in the weekly patch which takes place at Saturday 08:00 ST.


Offline Mada

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  • The model itself must be a weapon. This means that you cannot have NPC, Pet, Genie, Common Item etc as a weapon itself. In general, if the weapon does not look like a weapon, it will not be accepted.
Old weapons will not be removed except for the ones that used models without permission and the ones that look partially or completely inappropriate. (this decision is final)

  • The model and its effects must not extend into the character's bounding box.
Generally characters' bodies should be visible enough for other players can see the buffs/debuffs/castings/animations during PK
designers can use d_boundbox to see boundboxes
the main concern here is the character's body boundbox, Gfxs should NOT be blocking/covering the body visibility.

*examples on what is acceptable

*examples on what is NOT acceptable

Old/current weapons that cover/block body visibility will be removed (this decision is final)
if there is a player with a weapon gfx completely covering their body feel free to report them to inf or me.

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