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Hello everyone!

In this patch we bring you a completely revamped custom color system, with multiple name colors now being available to you, as well as dynamic name colors. We've also brought you a new passive skill which should get rid of that frustration of missing your 90% stun. Some PvE instances have had their rewards boosted, and custom content has been added.

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- Name color feature upgrade -

  • Name color feature has been upgraded! You can now have multiple name colors that you can switch at any time, as well as dynamic name color presets which will change the color of your name automatically!
  • Full preview of the feature and the guide are here: Custom colors
  • The functionality of the "Alpha" component in the custom name colors has been changed. By modifying this component, you will be able to obtain darker colors than what's currently available, without your color becoming entirely black or entirely white. Try it out in-game!   --  Reverted because of bugs

- New passive skill -

  • A new passive skill, "Fortunate Pupil", has been added to the game. This skill will increase the probability of effects (aka "procs") triggered by your skills, genie skills and weapon addons.

- Instance reward improvements -

  • Rewards from some PvE instances have been improved in order to bring some interest back into them.

- Misc. -

  • Reduced the reshaping time of random addon armors and weapons to 0.2 seconds.
  • Fixed the issue with custom title requests being bugged.
  • Fixed the issue with guild PvP rankings not being updated. Top 3 factions from the previous week will receive arbitrary rewards for this week.
  • Added custom content. Custom titles and custom weapons will be sent within 24 hours.

Edit: If your game is crashing when entering the world, and you're using a custom UI, that means that the patcher has failed to update our new UI files. You will have to manually add the new files by unpacking interfaces.pck, pasting the files and then re-packing it. I've attached the archive containing the files to this post.
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thanks sir
looks fun, skill looks fun, no one can complain about proc misses

; )


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Sounds like more PVE fun, I'm stoked! Thank you for patch ❤❤❤

P.S Maddison (EP) I thought I took a photo of your disc ID but turns out it was a snap of my keyboard XD
I panicked because I thought we wouldnt finish JFSP in time before shut down ahahah.
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bruh, finally no more missed nova that keeps me up at night

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i actually can't wait for more pve things

as i do pvp things only on ep



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You really out did yourself here Inf. Great patch. My input on allowing the genie to be affected by passive is a little over board. what about occult players. Now their occult is higher % and genie has faster recovery making occult more spammable. Of course easily preventable with anti stun. But its still just an input of what i first thought about when i read the genie. Great patch though
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The changes to PvE were needed and very welcome, i hope to see custom cosmetics being related to achievements in the game in the future.

only thing that worries me is that new proc thingy affecting GoF too, which makes luck be more present in skill measurement contests. (i know its relative to the base %, but as a number nerd that squishes every stat possible any 0.000001% more is always a butterfly effect)
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Thanks for the patch! Can't wait to PVE. :pig-8:  :pig-23:

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Finally nova wont miss, and thanks for the much needed changes to pve.

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I know the pve mats (needed for passive skill)  arent tradeable, but are they account stashable?

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Thanks for the patch! Can't wait to PVE. :pig-8:  :pig-23:
Lezgoo!! Inv
I know the pve mats (needed for passive skill)  arent tradeable, but are they account stashable?
Dont forget to inv me in ur party. 

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I know the pve mats (needed for passive skill)  arent tradeable, but are they account stashable?
Yes they are i just stashed mine lol