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EPW Update v75

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Hello everyone!

This patch brings some design changes to the city of misfortune, same sex marriage, custom fixes & custom content.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch

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- General -

  • City of Misfortune has gone through some design changes. (Done by Mada)
    • The ground area around City of Misfortune has been flattened and extended in order to give players a better PVP experience at this location. See it here:
    • You will be able to spawn your ground pets and mounts on the platform at City of Misfortune.
    • We recommend tuning down your "Plants" setting when doing PVP at the new flattened area, as the plants there are quite big and can disrupt PVP.

  • Same sex marriage is now available in-game. In order to finish the Matrimony quest, two female characters should each bring "Silk of Eternity" to the Eldest Matchmaker, while male characters should do the same with "Stamp of Eternity".
  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to drag their fashion macros to the skillbar.
  • Fixed an issue with the escape key accepting embrace and duel requests. Pressing the escape key will now refuse these requests.
  • Hopefully fixed the issue (for majority of the people) with client being unable to connect to the element modification service.
  • The "Screenshot saved" message that your client displays each time you take a screenshot will be phased out and disappear from your screen much quicker than before.

  • Removed Halloween event item crafting from Duke Blacke. Removed the Halloween NPCs from Origination.

- Weekly -

  • Added custom weapons - they will be sent later today
  • Added custom titles - they will be sent later today
  • Added faction titles
  • Added faction icons

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nice patch, thank you.

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thanks for patch


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EPW finnally got with the times and added same sex marriages  :)) Glad to see and good patch

Special Thank You to ᕼᗩᑎᗴᑌᑎᕼᗴᗴ for my siggy. And Meline for my avatar :)

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gay meraige hahaha

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thanks for the update I think you are already better than Burdette and you will be better if you unban Kimy 

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thanks for the update I think you are already better than Burdette and you will be better if you unban Kimy 

nop!  :))


Thanks for the patch sir  ^-^

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メンヘラ ♡

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Wow, impressive!
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 8) ty Sir Inf..... nuovo vestito no??? ;D

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can;t wait to ride my mount around at misfo finally

the day has come for the sir whales


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thanks for patch and Unban Kimy it good persona 

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Yes, now I can double my chances of not finding someone to marry  ;D

Anyhow, thank you for the patch. Gonna take time to get used to Misf looking like that.

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