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EPW Update v71

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To make Halloween last a bit longer, v74 will be deployed tomorrow morning (no fixed time, but probably around 8 AM ST).

Please remember to give some time after Halloween event is removed and keep NPC for few days so we can continue to exchange them (some players are not online everyday/all the time to make it on time to exchange before patch). Thank you!
Yes, you will be able to craft items using shadow vortex for one more week.

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All weapons contain Lightning GFX that runs along the body of the weapon like this
PS: i wholeheartedly apologize if the SSs are at most serviceable but I have no idea how to take proper screenshots even if my life depended on it
oh btw for the people that just hate going through spoilers:
album with all SSs taken -> https://imgur.com/a/MqC3G2P

Hi GM Nea, I think GM Toughness would be able to help you take better screenshots.