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EPW Update v69

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Hello everyone!
This weekly patch includes multiple bug fixes, a new option for more convenient mass PvP experience for users with low-end hardware, and some changes in the client as preparation for upcoming patches and content. Custom weapons, titles, faction titles and guild icons were also updated.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch

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- General -

* Added an option to enable effects and damage feedback from players which you can't see (e.g. when "Show only your model" is enabled). You can find this option in Optimization -> Settings --> Always display effects and damage.
* Fixed the double/triple death issue in instances where you instantly respawn on death.
* Fixed multiple disconnection issues which randomly occurred from time to time.
* Fixed client crash when players with many items in their homestead tried to modify it.   Not resolved yet.
* Fixed an issue with players sometimes being unable to request custom titles and disconnections after successful requests.

- Weekly -

* Added custom weapons - they will be sent later today
* Added custom titles - they will be sent later today
* Added faction titles
* Added faction icons

*** This update also includes some updates to the client which should make no functional difference in game, but were done in order to prepare the client for future patches. This may affect stability of the client or connection to the server. Please report any new issues you encounter. ***

EDIT: If you're having issues with your client missing custom EPW features (colored names, player HP etc.) or your switch configuration not updating, update your client to v70 via the patcher.
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Patch notes look nice, thanks

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thank you for the patch Inf  ;)


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Why do i smell new class on client patch 👀. Thankyou for an epic patch

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thanks for the patch

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ty sir , when x2 :) 

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Thank you for the Patch

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Server is back online. Custom items boards are unlocked again.

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Ty ty! Are there anymore nerfs and or boosts coming in the near future? :-\

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Well this guy knows whats up, keep it up

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Ty Sir for patch o/

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There are some issues with connections to the server, looking into it.