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EPW Update v66

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After so damn long the nightshade are nerfed, these are the two classes that i cannot survive against no matter what i do. There are indeed some good dbs but ffs it was time for a serious nerf. O:-)
Lol u can’t even kill anything with nerf 

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Lol u can’t even kill anything with nerf
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I wait months, spent eps for nothing
best of life
Stop cry Aludii

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Nice patch, these nerds cry so much but still play epw lol. 

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db nerf is fine just one thing needs to be changed destiny hunter need to be at less 5 sec stun sage/demon been asked to many times to try new patch here you go

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Was a nice run burd. Ty for all the good times. Glhf in your next project.

Now....who wants to buy a x7 sin to skullstomp over all classes now? lul
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Jessa is selling my secrets. Pm her to blackmail me.

Also she is cute but im g0d. Did you read it? Im g00000d. Jk love u ♡