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Question on Territory War

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If a faction is overbid in TW by a fake bid (a faction made 5 mins before end of bidding with 1 person in it, who bid over the fac currently attacking, and the one person cant even TW), should the faction that made the highest real bid be given the territory war for that weekend?
Or is it fair to say you were overbid so you cant TW even if the factions leader admits to it being a fake bid?
Just wondering, since that kinda happened to us...
Also I appologise for my lack of coheirantness (if thats a word) currently on painkillers after an op xD

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rule no.9

I've seen a lot of fake bids around this week. I'm not sure how many active players guild needs for a bid not be fake. Unfortunately, I don't see Agatio or any other GM doing anything regarding fake bids, so I guess that for a moment, you won't get the war.

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Damn it that kinda puts us behind everyone else >.<

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as far as i know, due to this hidden bids, theres no way to tell whos bidding on who. only way is t oAgatio be checking every single bid on wednesday till thursday. tbh i dont think he gonna do that :/ this will need smoe talk and discussion between us (staff) first hehe.

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But would it be possible to go over the bids on southern stronghold, because there were only 3 and the highest was fake, second highest (and first bid) was ours

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If you suspect that faction could fake bid, please report it to me so I can investigate it / track IPs / etc.
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