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GM stole necklace from my account. WTF? (game moment)

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This topic has nothing to do with nimy other than my comments. Please get my dick out of your mouth
The only reason I agree with this......
is cause we need to focus on the real issue!
Burdette, you need to do the right thing for once.
Give the drop back to the player who killed in PK.
The owner must suck it up just like all other players have done throughout the years when they dropped something "valuable".
Imagine the owner got 4atk at 10th try. How could you prove / disprove this?
Or you helping the owner only cause he donated a lot?

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If you die enough in PK to run out of guardian scrolls and drop 4 atk orns just means you're plain bad.
Give the guy back his winnings.
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New owner should get back his PK drop. Rules are for everyone or noone.

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Poor people of epw, you have to understand something! £ talks, if you don’t have, don’t complain!

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not fair at all, pk drop is part of the game u cant take items from him like that woow, thats absolutely sadistic

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why bother... just get rid of the drop during pk feature
I wanted to keep it as a mechanic since it's been part of the game for a while, but this is probably the best option. PK drop is old mechanic from beginning of PW. Over time, players have gotten items that take a long time to farm, and losing those items to this mechanic is no longer fair or acceptable. PK drop will be disabled with next patch.
As for this thread, since there is a lot of drama I'll bind ornaments of the one who lost them and give back the ring and ds to the ones who got them so everyone is happy. Personally I still think it's fair what I did, no matter how I think about it you can't make "Randomly losing 1mil ec of items, that you put a lot of effort into obtaining, to a small 10 year old mechanic because you forgot to buy scrolls on an alt" sound fair. It doesn't matter if it's a PWI game mechanic, that doesn't make it fair. If it was like that then I could revert all db nerfs, put back 6s kd dragon trap, 9s disarm slash of pride and give them primal quad, you would lose to water gear db, then I say it's fair because it's part of the game PWI mechanic lol.
And that player has 0 donations, don't start rumor like that, only reason I returned this and not others is because nobody ever lost this much. Second highest was 80k ec I think