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Client won't connect to update server

Offline basher99

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Hello, I recently downloaded the game client and ran start.bat (although I've tried directly doing patcher.exe too).  The game client hangs at "contacting update server" until eventually changing to "update server connection fails".

At which point it will launch the elementclient, and I can select a server, but when I attempt to log in, it says my client version is too low.

I've tried both the US and EU update servers, and downloading the manual patches, but those links time out as well.

Is there something going on with the update server currently, or is it just me?
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Offline Buffy

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Same here. I'm legit convinced they're trying to kill off the server >:(

Offline Rikku

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Redownload & reinstall the whole client. You ran something you shouldn't have.
make sure you dont have any errors when extracting files :p