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EPW Update v64

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need wait 48 hour for custom weapons? 
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I wait months, spent eps for nothing
best of life
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vigonem rusku kyrwu na rufree
dai poigrat`  :(

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can u fix tm run or up run actually dead instances find ppls is very hard

Offline Burdette

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Sent custom weapons, if anyone still has problem with weapon now then contact me

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thanks for patch
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Links down ? :l 
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ty for the patch sir pls fix the link ._.

ok bebou ♡
メンヘラ ♡

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im laughing my ass off seeing dogs saying thank you. expected

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No bargain please, will destroy Earth soon.

Offline Jiren

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Thanks for patch. Cannot log in though.

Offline M1TS

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dai poigrat`  :(
nu ok tebe mono 
vsex ostal'nix k ebenoy materi na clasik155 jrat' rufree parashniy balans

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Thanks Burdette!