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Guide: PW Borderless Fullscreen

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I don't have much time so will try to make it short.

step1: go (PW folder)\element\userdata and make a backup of systemsettings.ini
step2: download Borderless Gaming at your own risk Download Link and install it
step3: run perfect world and make sure it's running in windowed mode already, and run the program alongside it
it should look like this

Step4: select on the PW client on the left side and press on this and do not put it in favorites

Step5: the game will look so huge, go to task manager, select elementclient and End task

Step6: go to (PW folder)\element\userdata, open systemsettings.ini and adjust both RenderWid and RenderHei to your maximum screen resolution
if you dont know your maximum resolution go to start menu, type dxdiag and press enter then click on Display tab

that's how mine looks

step7: open the game and enjoy

if you might have to auto-hide the taskbar
(right click on taskbar, taskbar settings)

also Jao messaged me that he made a similar guide on the same topic, you can check it here https://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=62835.0
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Nice gonna do it later thanks GM 💯🙏
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You don't need ANY 3rd-party apps at ALL. You also don't need to backup your systemsettings.ini file - you can (and should) if you're worried about messing  something up.

I have not tested this on Apple/Linux-based OS/Distros (this includes Bootcamp.) I can only verify that this works with Windows 8.1 & up. I am not responsible if anything breaks on your end.

Step 1: Run PW. If you're already running in fullscreen @ your monitor's native resolution (for me, that's 1920x1080), great, you may skip to step 3, OTHERWISE....
Step 2: Switch to Fullscreen, and change your resolution to the bottom-MOST option (WARNING: If you have virtual super resolution enabled (or whatever NVidia calls it): Close the game, disable that feature, and reboot your system, THEN do Step 2.) Click APPLY. IF you're on any Windows 10 version other than 1909 or 2004, this may cause a black screen.
Step 3: Switch to Windowed mode, do NOT touch your resolution what-so-ever. Click Apply.
Step 4: COMPLETELY restart your game client. Do NOT force log or you will lose these changes!

Step 5: Enjoy your fullscreen borderless game. :)

This is what it should look like if you've done everything correctly: (note: image shrunk to 1024x576, right click & view image to see the full thing in 1080p)

Above image is NOT running in fullscreen, and I have NO external programs/apps running other than Steam, which cannot modify the game's resolution. This application, for use with Epic, ONLY provides me with an in-game UI, which I only use for its CEF browser.

This has worked flawlessly, every single time for me, since 1.4-ish (Sirens of War xpac.)
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