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Quest for "So Happy Together" Error

Offline djpuppy

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Hello, My Character MRPuppy  (150) Barbie, shifting sky VIII, Reputation 255798, Spirit 931736738, Celestial Demon,  i have  been attempting 
to  do the quest "So Happy Together" from the harbinger and i can pick up the  quest but none of the  elders have  any quests for me to follow so i cannot follow the  quest line, i have  trashed the  quests, i have  re-logged, i have made sure nothing in  inv,  have  checked previous quest line and  all seem  appropriate, just  trying to complete the quest so i may get more  supply tokens. any help will be appreciated, thank you.

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Do you have the "Master of balance" title needed?

You probably do since you can pick up the quest but double checking.

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