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yo ~ for those nerds who cant wait till the server is online and want to see the server live right after its goes up, here is a program which is checking the server status for you and does all the job   https://mega.nz/file/3Zw1jAqB#B9nUDPHKoCdDJa2ZOXJU3fA2KmdTE5YRZobGfNmkQfE
download, extract it and open (its usefull if you are not doing much while its does his job cus its just spams the server status on your screen and stops when server is online ) so when server is online, just close it at the icon down there.
here how will it look at your pc : https://gyazo.com/56b3ae17188857f8b1b29d5baf1041a0
(incase you are wondered why epic games icon on this program... its just for the meme)

(its the same as refreshing "F5" on website just does the job for u)
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