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Ares event

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idk of this was already said before or not but i have a suggestion about Ares event.Why not make boss weaker every time it is killed?After it is killed the 2 maybe 3 times less and less ppl start to show up and it can be painfully slow to kill it after 3 hrs.Also,i saw a QQ post about lag at this event on the first couple of rounds and the only solution that was given was "come back when there are less people".Well if it takes 20 mins who would wanna go that late?

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This is probably the best idea I have seen for this event so far, but idk if gm's would do this because they want the event to be "challenging" :/

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I guess it makes sense, but then everyone would just wait until its weak and nobody would fight it first time, essentially recreating your problem. I would suggest making it stronger/weaker in comparison to the number of players in the room at the time, but then, how it would fluxuate as people enter leave... I dont know how that would work. Also this is in the wrong forum, it should be in suggestions D:

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Semi-afk DDing for 40 minutes is not my idea of challenging.