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No more Daily Epic.

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Hi everyone,

thanks for your support for my ramblings about what happens during the day in EPW. However, I am going to call it quits for a while as it seems to me that people are doing the weirdest things to get mentioned.
That was never the idea so time to stop it. Sorry for those who just liked the read, maybe I will pick it up again in a bit, but for now, I am not going to give people an excuse for horrible behaviour.

Tc, and remember to have fun coz after all, it is just a game.


This is really sad Tjeu .....but somehow I don't think its you giving them a reason to behave badly.  Its ingrained, childish behavior, part of the person.

But...when all's said and done, you have certainly entertained me with your exceptional writing skills and the spin you put on the daily happenings here at EPW.  Looking forward when you pick up your pen again.

Thank you for what you have shared with us, I wish you all the best and enjoy the game.


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gee guess i missed ur posts but yeah some here just like to start drama lol..have fun and God Bless..

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I didn't catch all of the editions but the ones I did manage to read always have me a chuckle. Look forward to when you decide maybe to grace us with more.  Perhaps a weekly highlight rag for now? Thanks again for lightening the day around here

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 :sad: Well, it's kinda sad news, but ty for giving us good things to read that are very interesting..
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I really am going to miss the Daily epic, but totally understand why you have made your decision.  I give you a thumbs up for not allowing the drama seekers another reason to get their 15 minutes of fame!

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Thats too bad. A lot of us really enjoyed reading your "paper" everyday.. And I never got to grace the pages yet q.q (j/k) I really do hope to see it back in the future. You are a very talented writer. GL with ur endevours
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I really will miss Daily Epic a lot. It's always an interesting read and it'd be great if you continue on writing it but I hope you do well in life and thank you for the writing you shared with all of us.

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I will miss your writing, I really enjoyed the puns and sarcasm (my kind of humor). I would agree with Lacey though, I feel like some people simply strive to achieve the next level of immaturity.

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:( i will miss the daily epics as well, always enjoyed reading those. its always sad a few bad seeds always have to ruin the fun for the rest of us.

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I would start my own Daily Epic kind-of-thing if I knew what was going on in EPW xD