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Epic Perfect World 8th Anniversary

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Hey everyone.
Epic Perfect World has now been online for 8 years!
To celebrate the anniversary, 2x drop will be activated until Wednesday 20th of November 10:00 Server time
Have fun!

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Thanks chief, HBD to all of us  :normal-49: :tiger-3: :tiger-3: :tiger-3:

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  • katies straight lesb
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happy anniversary!

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Does it mean 2x core drop for DH too? 🤔
★·.·´¯`·.·★ [ тү тσ αℓℓ тнε αятιsт <3] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

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Long Live EPW!
Happy 8th Anniversary!

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  • Im new to this game 💕
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Happy 8th Anniv EPW ♥  :pig-23:

ʝ.α ♡

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  • ty gm panda rly cool!!!!
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Happy anniversary to me another year of being unbeaten

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Yesssss! Thanks Burds!

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Happy Anniversary to EPW & All its people in it. Thanks burdette

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  • Lol why dont u just ban me instead of moderate u want to kill ur own server for money anyways
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Agatio must be old...
Least he ain't underage  :rolleyes:

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Happy Birthday Epic Community. Now go farm your hearts out.
thanks milf i love u mwah