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[Retired] Weapon Rewrite Guide

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Weapon rewrites are now done in-game. For more info, visit the Gear Inscription Guide, Gear Design Guide & Custom Model Guide.

You can edit your custom weapon name, description, weapon name color, description color, icon and model by sending

3 Rewrite Stones to myweapon Myweapon MyWeapon myWeapon or MYWEAPON

After you send the Rewrite Stones, make a new thread on the Weapon board.

In your thread, fill this form:

Character name:

Screenshot of weapon:

New weapon name:

New weapon name color:

New weapon description:

New weapon description color:

New weapon icon:

New weapon model:

If you don't want to edit something then leave it empty.

Same rules apply to rewrite weapons as regular custom weapons. Custom weapon guide here: https://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=60296.0
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