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Hey everyone.
The slightly late Halloween update is here! There are 3 new Halloween related events, including a new instance! New Halloween weapon skins, flights, mounts, forms, pets, genies, titles and wings fashions have been added to The Nightmare NPC in Thousand Stream City. Some changes were made to flying and a new class balancing feature was added.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch (170mb)

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- Halloween -

Zombie Hunt event!
Zombies will now appear in Lost City, Etherblade and Archosaur City every 4 hours! You can take a quest from Spooky Princess to hunt them and gain rewards. You'll have to kill zombies in every city for the quests.

Boss Hunt event!
Every 6 hours, bosses will spawn in North Archosaur, West Archosaur and South Archosaur. You can take a quest from Master of Horrors around Archosaur to kill these bosses. They deal high damage and have a lot of health, you should fight these bosses with a squad. Some of them also have a chance to drop rare items that can be exchanged for unique rewards! The area around these bosses will be a safe zone.

Haunted Island event!
Every 8 hours, the Ancient Darkness NPC will appear in major cities and you can enter the Haunted Island. The NPC will only remain for 3 minutes, so enter quickly!
In this event, there will be 3 waves of monsters. For the first 10 minutes, there will be many low HP monsters, then for 10 minutes there will be medium HP mobs and for the last wave, 3 bosses will spawn at the west side of the island. You must kill these last bosses to finish the event.
All of the mobs also drop Supply Tokens, Damascene Ore and Perfect Elements!
The event also uses a contribution ranking. For each mob you kill, you gain points. The first wave monsters will give 50 points each, every second wave mob gives 500 points and each of the last 3 bosses gives 5000 points. The amount of points you gain is dependent on the amount of damage you deal to that mob. So if the boss gives 5000 points and you deal 50% of the damage, that means you will get 2500 points and other players will get the other 2500 points.
There will be an extra reward at the end for those that had the most points. The rewards are given based on class ranking. So if you are top1 in your class ranking, but top10 in total ranking, you will still get top1 prize.

- Added The Nightmare NPC in Thousand Stream city. Here you can exchange your Halloween items for rewards!
- New Halloween weapon skins, flights, mounts, forms, pets, genies, titles and wings fashions have been added to The Nightmare NPC in Thousand Stream City!
- House of Horrors is now open! You can enter this instance through House of Horrors Teleporter in major cities.

- Balance -

- Added a new server side feature called Class Ratio. This feature allows me to adjust the damage of each class individual match-up. This means it's possible to, for example, increase Archer damage against Barbarian, while keeping damage against other classes the same. The class ratios can be adjusted live and instantly. Updates for the any ratio changes will be posted in the Class Ratio Updates thread. These ratios will be constantly adjusted and can be reverted at any time.
- Increased every class defense by 8% through Class Ratio.

- Other -

- Novice title stone will now give some extra titles to complete Advanced Titles
- Fixed problem with Master of Balance title quest not working properly
- Rewrite Stone price has been lowered to 5 Epic Points
- Granted unlimited power to Burdette
- Flight acceleration will now reset when you attack or use a skill
- Fixed problem with some flights still being 10.50ms
- Fixed problem with not being able to trash the cultivation quest once taken
- Added Faction Base manager to requested locations
- Fixed server time

Note: The new Halloween Quests require Master of Balance title

Custom items will be added with a follow-up patch within 3-7 days.

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Make Fudo cry and leave epw :3


Most importanly, take his account of >_<

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- Granted unlimited power to Burdette

We will see about that. Being that there's always someone higher ranked than you.

the new master of balance title chain is still bugged, btw - as it requires MANUAL completion of every other step before it in the title chain. This CANNOT BE BYPASSED.
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So, my custom title will be added next patch ?
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Nice :) now i can pve thenks

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Thanks for the patch GM burds! 👌
Yay awesome! Ty!

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thank you khaede for cutie chibi avatar

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So, my custome title will be added next patch ?
Custom items will be added with a follow-up patch within 3-7 days.
Of course not. Yours specifically is already in game laying in your mailbox. Rest have to wait.

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3-7day the custom patch.
buuut, my faction titles still no accept in forum

and i maked the fact topic sept. 21

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Stop cry Aludii

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i like it when u sleep, for u'are so beautiful yet so unaware of it...

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it says server version too low to log in after i patched

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it says server version too low to log in after i patched
You need to wait for server restart if you patched already

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