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I noticed that a written works board was made and decided to post a sad poem I wrote about a year ago.

The Void

made us part

hole cut in my heart


sweet little meow

silent now

know one thing

will meet again

the Rainbow Bridge

Jinx 2009-2011 You are missed very badly.
I'm only keeping this account open because of the memories I have on here, the good and the bad. I logged in just to change my account, and then I'm putting this dusty book back on the shelf.

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  • how nostalgic

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  • Tori was here. <3

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Awwww ...this is beautiful!!

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  • You just jellified of my mad moves *boogies* \o)
Warms my heart to see people posting poetry *-*. I like this poem btw.
Man you're the most awesome black person I've ever met. I wish I could be more like you. Plis teach me your ways. I too poor can't pay, but I promise to worship you.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are not real
And I hate you
^^^Good Old Haters Credo^^^

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I love Shane Koyczan's poetry. The only poetry I actually feel anything for. So beautiful.