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EPW Update v57

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Hey everyone.
You can now instantly get a PvP ready character! Everything necessary for PvP has been added to the forges in Lost City.
+4 Shards are now also free at the Shards forge. Some other fixes were also added, but fashion and custom items will be added next patch.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch

Offline Burdette

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- New Starter Gears -

You can now instantly craft gears that are PvP ready!
The new starter ornaments will already have shard and engrave stats added to them and they can't be sharded or engraved again.

Here is a list of some of the gears:

All these gears can be crafted at forges in Lost City (Same forges as old dragon gears)

- Other -

- +4 Accessory shards are now free at Shards Forge. 1~3 shards have been removed. +5 shards are unchanged
- Engraves with Atk Level, Def Level, RMDT and RPDT stats are now 2x easier
- Hopefully fixed problem with boss sometimes not giving drops
- Fixed problem with Hide and Seek monster spawning incorrectly
- Skill book prices have been reduced to 1 silver
- Added Morai Skill book packs in the boutique for 100 gold
- Assassin can now get range on R8 daggers again
- Borobudur Dungeon Lord now drop average 12 Event Tokens instead of 21

Custom items and fashion will be added next patch. I wanted to make this patch quickly so people can PvP while I work on more content
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Thanks for the nice patch! 👏

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remember when I asked for that several months ago?

too late now buddy


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oh hello

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we bring nothing to the sv btw
we only think short term btw

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Xddddddd iwas wish if i didnt farm

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We was working for our gears rly long time and that pve stufff... hours and hours at FR... and trying luck on our engraves and r8 stats.... rlyy???? now everything just insta? Why you try to copy PW VOID? Because all went there?

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Made life way easier for new people while still letting the end game farmable. Didnt made the rare rolls people have on their gear lose value too.

So ye huge + on all of that. ( and that comes from pve god that spends his life on dungeons )

Was cape engrave affected by new chances too? I feel like it also needs some love.

Now make some dank cosmetics and fashions for us to hardcore farm !
Jessa is a ******** ******* and she is cute af ♡

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I understand new players r happy, but those hard core farmers they can suicide lol
Burrdete, dont copy other servers LOL

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Archers can instantly get 2.00 with demon quickshot  :normal-1:

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At first I was opposed, then I realized I can make 10 mages and do TW on every guild. :police: 

I'm in.