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Hi guys, most of you veteran players already know me. But for the new people, I'm DeeDee (real life name by the way) I am Director of Conquer, a wonderfully fun fill community ! Please read below carefully to see if you might want to consider Conquer as your home. <3

Conquer is looking for laid back. open minded, pvp orientated players from around the world. We accept all level ranges, Veteran player or new player... doesn't matter... all are welcome to our fun, PvP like minded family ! (Keep in mind we are PvP/PvE)

We have a Base, Dolby Axon VoiP (excellent program that is free a DL) Active players who are on daily, 70+ members strong so far, PK daily, plus we do our own event's with in the guild, Extremely helpful to any & all, GV daily, EC Farming daily & Territory Wars for fun of course.

Please read below, if this is for you, then please whisper an officer in game.

Inclusive – Friendly – Family Orientated – Relaxed – Helpful – Teamwork

We shall welcome any and all to the guild as equals, regardless of race, class, level, or experience, provided they uphold the principles and values of Conquer and follow the Guild Rules.

We will never deride players for lack of experience or knowledge, but will instead help them overcome that lack of experience, teaching them all we can.

The social aspects of being in a guild are first and foremost at all times. We are in the guild to play the game with friends and help each other, not just because we need help with some things.
We are polite, helpful, courteous and friendly, at all times, to everyone in the game. (Not just guild member's.)
We will listen to and learn all we can from our guildies in order to improve our understanding of the game and how best to play it.
Selfish or intolerant attitudes and behaviour shall neither be supported nor tolerated among our members.

Family Orientated
We are an open age guild but expect all our members to exercise a level of maturity, best defined by adherence to the other principles referred to in this statement.

We will endeavour to help raise and resolve any internal issues and disputes, in a friendly, polite manner to the best we can, guided by the principles and values of the guild.

Team work
We shall put the needs of the guild as a whole before the needs of any one individual.
We shall endeavour to experience as much of the game as possible and to help our guildies do the same. We will not focus on any one area of the game to the exclusion of any other.
We will join groups when asked by guildies to help (in a non-'boosting' fashion) whenever possible. If you need more for a dungeon, a group quest, a PvP situation etc. and we have time and relevant amount of player's on, we will be there.

We will invite our guildies to any events we are running (either by publishing it in the calendar or by shout out in guild chat) before asking others or joining 'Looking for Group'.

More Specifically with Regard to Group Situations:
We shall above all be tolerant of other's mistakes and do what we can to help.
We will teach inexperienced players how best to fulfil their role within the group.
We shall listen to and learn from the others in the group accepting that they could well know 'better ways'
We will leave none behind. We will progress as a group or not at all.
We will take the time to explain everything as best we can to anyone that doesn't know.
We shall not rush or push people to perform better or progress faster than they are comfortable with.
We shall laugh and joke about multiple wipes with minimal progression, because 'it's fun'.
Loot and progression shall be secondary in concern, the pleasure of playing in a group is all we want or need.
Where oversubscribed, we shall give priority of group places to those (of appropriate role and level) who will benefit most, not those who have the better gear.

Officer's are as follows,

Leader:       LilKenzie
Director:      BONNY
Marshall:     VladTepes
Marshall:     Herc
Marshall:     Ennya
Marshall:     Jamilicious
Executor:    LilDee
Executor:    Kayla
Executor:    Kritical
Executor:    SinfulDee
Executor:    LuvGoddess
Executor:    TheSlayerZ
Executor:    Alleyen
Executor:    LollyPops
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tl;dr Good luck with your faction regardless.

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OMG I REMEMBER YOU. I think you were in Oblivion or something like that.


Seems like a very respectful guild environment - something I like.  All the very best with your guild

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Looks very interesting. Gl with it.
Btw,some names i saw before, any of you played EKPW?
We r 120+ members now. Bump