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Post is based here.  https://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=32175

This is the only relevant pet guide in 2020, if you don't believe this you suck

Loyal Dog as special skill (Stats 60/35/40/80/100) Phys atk, Defense, HP, Attack Level, Defense level.
Pets with this ability: Primitive Wolf (White Wolf), Rune.
Recommended Mood: Chivalrous, Earnest, Valiant. (These skills gives the Mind skill, which gives your pets 55% damage reduction to player damage + 6 attack and 6 defense levels and their respective skill which is listed below)
Chivalrous: Gives your pet a 4% chance to do a 2 second stun every time it does a normal hit. I recommend this skill when you're using the wolf to fight melee classes, as physical pets do not deal as much damage to HA classes, having a 2 second stun proc can be handy at times.
Earnest (Recommended): In my own opinion, this is the best mood to use vs any other class when using a Primitive Wolf. As it gives your pet the skill Spirit, which makes it untargettable for 8 seconds and can be used to prohibit the enemy to hit your pet and kill it.
Valiant: Makes your pet basically immune to all movement debuffs with I think is not as useful in general cause SB's will just put Electrostatic on your pet and kill it. But still useful for fighting BMs/Barbs/DBs as thy have more locks than other classes.

Recommended Skills (updated as of 19/08/19)
For HA/LA(DB/Sin) Classes: (Removed Bleed cause it's pathetic vs pdef classes namely Barb/BM but still works vs DB)

1: Rule the World, Pounce, Heavy load, Strong (What I mainly use)
1A: This is good for fighting Barbs/BMs since when fighting these said classes you specifically do not need reflect, as you will need a bit of cc over them and reflect will not do much

2: Rule the World, Blessing (HP Buff), Reflect, Strong
2B: This is my favorite config when fighting Sins, A bit of reflect and cc does wonders.

Combat Saint as special skill (Stats 100/20/25/100/80) Phys atk, Defense, HP, Attack Level, Defense level.
Pets with this ability: Feral Wolves, Avatar of War, Calico cat, Nine-tailed Shaman, etc.
Recommended mood: Seasoned, Indifferent

Seasoned: Rarely used now, try it if you want.
Indifferent (Recommended): This is the preferred mood by most cause it's very effective in alot of situations.

Recommended skills (in order)
For AA Classes and Archers:

1: Rule the World, Flesh Ream, Heavy Load, Pounce.
1A: This is my main wolf's setup. This is a great setup if you're confident enough to protect your pet.

2: Rule the World, Flesh Ream, Heavy Load, Protect.
2B: This is the "safe" setup. As this setup gives your pet mdef, which the first setup lacks. Also deals the same damage as the first setup, but does less cc.


So for now, I only have 1 PVE pet but it's quite effective in FR and other dungeons.
I still suggest having a Combat Saint pet as a base since you have more options in skill setups
compared to other pet types.

My piggy:

Skills are: (In order)
Ice Stick, Claw, Protect, Return from Fire.

Recommended mood:

The previous guide argued that aps pets are the way to go. Which I think is not viable for the reason that pets are extremely squishy versus pdef monsters and even players. And as mentioned above, Combat saints are a no go for Physical-type enemies. Ice stick does an incredible job in dealing damage and could even steal aggro in Forest Ruins.I chose Return from fire as the 4th skill for the reason that it gives
200 defense levels, and heals your pet by 70% for 6 seconds.


There are some instances when this guide does not apply to certain situations.
So here's a follow-up for you Venos who keep asking 'cAshEwS plS FiX mY pEt pLs'

Personally, I never like killing pets, since I can just easily bully anyone if I turn my main pet to a pet killing machine. Also, I still strongly believe that pet reliance isn't as important as using your Venomancer itself.

I've tested several setups on this way of pet killing and I can guarantee u, this is probably the better setup than using a Combat Saint (Feral Wolves, etc.) Because Loyal Dog/Corgi/Other high HP Pet Types has naturally better def/hp stats than a Combat Saint. Just make sure this pet doesn't get Purged.
You can still use the same skills on a Combat Saint, but you really need a High Attack/Attack Lvl + HP Coefficient which is fairly hard to get.

Believe it or not, Seekers can actually smash Venomancers now. Unless you're good at keeping your pet alive, ur pets gonna definitely die cause of Edged Blur.

This pet Mood is quite an unsual one, I have never found a use for it till now. It maxes out at Level 4 which has a 4% chance of Disarming the enemy for 4s.

I always say that mass is boring cause it really is for Veno, unless you got really good gear with 95+ CT on full pdef r8, ur not gonna kill anyone anytime soon. But, I have those said gears but still, pets play a really minor role on mass pk since Veno is a support class first. Pets dealing 1-2k damage per hit aint gonna make you a kiling machine sadly. So I try to focus on mostly def, a bit of cc and damage just to augment my veno generally. They always die anyways lol.

Additional info:
For people who don't know how Venomancer Pets work.
If you don't see these buffs, the Pet will be really easy to kill.
This applies for SK/MYS/EP/SB mainly.
1.) is the 'Tidal' buff, This is the reason why you can't throw debuffs on the pet.
Without it any pet is instant death with Static, Shackle, Mark of Weakness, Edged Blur, Absolute Soul.
2.) is the MDEF buff, it adds mdef to the pets.

Usually people get really confused on what to prioritize on making pets. In this part, I'll explain which stats are more important and why.

So here, we have two different pets.



One is maxed attack, but the other one isn't but the other one has defensive stats.
Firstly, pets aren't  meant to be immortal. However tanky you make them to be, how much stats and buffs they have, they will die.
Stormbringers, Clerics, Seekers, Mystics are some of the fastest classes to kill a pet.

I'll say now that pet #1 is far superior than pet #2, for one reason. HP.
HP for some reason is the pets main defense. I have had pets with 20/20 defense, and 75/80 defense level and they're still bad defense wise.
Refer to the stats above, they may have similar Defense and Defense Levels, but the HP is a 9 stat difference amounting to around 3000 hp.
Defense and Defense Levels doesn't scale as better in Combat Saints as they do in Loyal Wolf pets. So I don't suggest prioritizing said stats.

Pet 1's hp.

Pet 2's hp.

So, when building a pet. The ideal stats are always a balance of defense and offense.
You can have a 100 100 pet but if the defense stats are bad, it will die.
At the end of the day, pets are pets. They can only do so much to help you win fights.
A good wf doesn't need good pets to be good.

If you have issues about the guide, feel free to pm me ingame.

That's it for now, happy hunting!
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