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Hey everyone.
Rank 8 weapon re-rolling has been revamped, it's now easier to get high Atk and Def level stats. Forest Ruins now only requires 6 players and the mob and boss HPs have been reduced. New Fashion has also been added and custom items have been updated. Some changes were also made to Duskblade skills.

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- Rank 8 Weapon rerolling now only give Attack Level and Defense Level and a few other class related stat, like accuracy on Archer or interval on Assassin. These are the average probabilities for Attack Level and Defense Level:
These chances can vary a bit between classes that have 3 unique stats and those that have 2 unique stats, but they are similar. Chances of interval on Assassin/Duskblade/Warrior are around the same, though it's now much easier to get interval+useful stat. Note that you can only get 40 max now. The unique stat attack and defense levels have been changed from 25 to 20. This is to keep balance the same. If it remained 25 then people could easily get 43 Atk or Def and it would affect balance.
- New weapons can't be honed. You can still hone old weapons.

- Some more balance attempts at Heroic Battle and Capture the Flag.
- Quest and chest rewards of Level Scroll and Super Level Scroll have been changed to Damascene Ore.
- Dragon Hunt Aekkan bosses will now spawn 5 minutes after eachother.

- You can enter Forest Ruins with only 6 players now.
- Forest Ruins all mob and boss HPs have been reduced by 40%. No changes to any mechanics for now, but there will be some if necessary.

- Duskblade Moon Chant buff (45% Critical damage reduce) is now self-buff only.
- Duskblade Blinking Moment (jump knockdown) is now a stun.
- Stormbringer Churning Vortex and Dark Maelstorm GFX effects have been reduced to increase FPS.
- Hopefully fixed bug with Stormbringer Vortex and Dark Maelstorm not disappearing sometimes.

- New Fashion has been added to Female Hairstyles II (II tab), Male Hairstyles (IV tab) and Epic Custom Fashion (Acc F tab).
- New Mounts, Pets and Flights have been added to Event Forge II.
- There is now a new Mount style called Forms. Instead of riding a mount, it will change your character model into that mount. These Forms can be found in Event Forge II.
- New genies have been added to Watcher of the Earth (2nd Genie tab).
Some of the forms are also dyeable. You can dye them at Seamstress (same NPC as fashion dye)
All of the fashion this patch is made by the new Graphic Dev Mada

- Added Custom Weapons.
- Added Custom Titles.
- Added Faction Titles.
- Updated Faction Icons.

Previews of customs:

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Thank you.  ;)

Big thanks to Mada for his work on fashion and GFX.  O:-)

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oh db isnt nerfed that much

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facilitate 100% 4 atk and 4 def in ornaments too since you are good today xd

nice mada <3

next patch mada weapon fashions?
or mada npc with mada custom weapons for craft 150 EP ?

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give pe so ppl stop pving and more pk                                           

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Thank You EPW Team! 
:tiger-48: :tiger-48: :tiger-48: :tiger-48: :tiger-48: :tiger-48:

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oh db isnt nerfed that much
Yes for now this should help in just group PK. There will be more changes later; one by one.

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Thanks for patch. 
and who have 5x def level weapon with full hone, dont need new weapon?