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Character Deletion

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This is kinda weird suggestion.

but i think its better to reduce the waiting days for character deletion.

that extra character just eats up space in the account it would be better if we can delete it within couple of hrs or maybe a day.

Just a thought ^^
ya I agree, thats not a bad idea

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Even if this would normally lower the security i completely agree, 1 day is enough to log on your characters especially on a private server where hacking rate is reduced due to
1) Lower amount of people
2) Lower amount of people needing to hack
3) Everything you wish falls from the sky so there is absolutely no need for hacking (unless you consider levels 1-110 harder than killing harpy wraith)

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I don't see where to change it, it might be hard-coded.

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Those kind of files are hard coded most likely, and Thank God they are as it gives ample time for the Admin to get back into your account to retrieve it and find the idiot who has no life and selfishly hacks an account. I agree most everything is handed to us on a silver platter on p-ervers, but there are many who do spend real life money for items, so lets thank our lucky stars that's an area I hope can't ever be changed. Also, by the time you move to a p-servers you pretty much know what you what character to develop, and usually only have 1 to 2 character on each account, as most have multiple accounts, which makes multi clienting easy.
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I actually have no problem with the lengthy time it takes to delete your old accounts. I have like 4 separate accounts that I use so I can make use of the multi-client feature. Anywho, I've never had 8 character slots filled up in any of my ePW/PWI accounts either O:

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Just make another account. I've honestly had no issue with the time limit. c:

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Offline xahtik

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i think the only reason u would have your character slots full would be because u are simply account stashing the starter coin and items and what you are asking is completely obsurd. This idea would take the farming for coin out of the game, and only make people lazier than they already are. i have played many p-servers and have seen those that hand you everything die so fast that the players dont even stay a week. coin rates have recently gone up so that is easier to get. IF by chance u made 8 characters, there are only 2 that u havent tested so making another account wouldnt hurt. I say this because if ur not satisfied with any of them then one of the other two are going to becomae your main and there is nothing thats non-tradeable that u really need other than maybe your vote or donation gold but u can buy something with it and give it to the new account. either way this idea is not a good one to even waste time, i would be extremely mad if i had to work or something comes up and im in the hospital 2 days and i come back and my main is deleted. keep it 7 days

Offline Leerikoh

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just wondering.. if u delete ur old character, will u be able to use that same character name again ?

'coz if u can, yeah i think i would agree with changing the character deletion to 1 day.

i dont think someone would actually hack and delete someone's character.

but im sure many guys would love to use their character name again..

Offline Rhelanna

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Yes... After the 7 days, that name is available again.

Offline DrakeX

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You're sure? Because on official server you can't use the name of a deleted character.

Offline darknae

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yes I have tested it and the name could be used again
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