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Each and everyone of us needs a hero, someone to look up to and inspire us.  When we are young, we laugh at such things, but when we get older and mature, we realize that life is  precious and has so much meaning.  I hope that this video, if you take the time to watch it .... will be a blessing and inspiration to you all, like it was to me.

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what a kind man he  is ,yes i agree truly inspiring  :tiger-16:

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so hard to find people like him...
i can tell u that society now doesnt eve care to help an old person to cross the street...its like a miracle when such thing happens.

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If you trully want to change the world, you should start with yourself.
Becoming a better person is all about opening your eyes and trusting in yourself.

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People can do truly amazing things sometimes. What this man is doing is beyond gracious. It's people like this that should be written about and have their own TV shows instead of pop stars on DUI charges. Maybe then people would want to be famous for actually doing something beneficial for humanity that doesn't end up with them under house arrest.

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Awesome! (y)

yes it is hard to find poeple like this , the reason is because any civilised country is ran by the same BS leadership which Breed competition , individualism and worst Hate when poeple start truly learning about each other and getting rid of the materialistic and BS society we live in we may finally beat poverty

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  • just enjoy the game,be helpful, be friendly.
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It's so amazing that there are still people like him left in the world. More people should be like him and make a change.