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Daily Epic.

Brocking bought wife, dowry remains a mystery.

Brocking, being desperate after looking for a wife for some time now, decided for an advertising campaign. Although some said it was more like spamming, he persisted in using World Chat for a wife. The on ly condition: it had to be a real girl. Quite a task in this world of she-males and himmen. He even added he had loads of Epic Coins, although that did not to the desired result at first. In the end however, our beloved Duke Blake announced his marriage to Sheeena. He told Daily Epic that they are very happy together but refused to tell the amount of EC he paid her. It either cannot have been much or he really is loaded because shortly after the nuptials, he was seen selling EC in World Chat.
Epic Daily wishes them a great marriage and to all of you ladies who had wanted a Bill Gates-like husband: better luck next time.

The search continues: mr. Ibi still single.
Despite his own bid at an advertising campain that, to the annoyance of many, has been going on for some time now, Ibi is still single. Or single again, even your fast editors at the Daily cannot keep up with him. We sincerely hope he will find his 'wifey' soon and will stay married (and silent) forever.

Evidence kept secret in accusations of theft.
World chat today saw some serious accusation from Edmadyn to BabyOnFire, who according to Edma, had sold some of his gears. BabyOnFire proclaimed her innocence, but Edma soon stated there was proof. Baby's request to see the proof, however, was denied. At Daily Epic, we assume the proof, if it exists in fact, will be submitted to the authorities. We will keep our readers informed if there is any news about this case.

The usual: scamming galore.
World Chat also gave us our normal daily dose of warnings for scammers. Nothing new there. The only thing we can say to our readers is to ALWAYS check a trade before agreeing to it and to NEVER give your account info to anyone else.

Shocking family secrets out in the open!!
In a surprise move, sirMittens married Leihr after failing to get an invite for Mordenita's shower party. Not long after, it was revealed that Leihr and sirMittens are in fact, FATHER and SON!! And shortly after that, sirMittens married AxelVIII. We at Daily Epic are still reeling from the shock but will keep you informed on all unholy unions, now and in the future!

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Great reading, lmao.

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The fck did i just read? o_o


LMAO  ...I witness the Mr Brocking thingy magiggy.  Someone asked ....Why do you NEED a wife.  Thought it was real funny ............and thank you for the daily update.  Love it!!!

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The fck did i just read? o_o

Man you're the most awesome black person I've ever met. I wish I could be more like you. Plis teach me your ways. I too poor can't pay, but I promise to worship you.

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 :shocked: w3w
~RUMORS are carried by HATERS, spread by FOOLS, & accepted by IDIOTS~

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  • Worms.
Aint no time for this. Someone write 3-5 rows about what it is.

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Great article. I see a bright future for this upcoming mag.
Perhaps a weekly section on whos single atm and looking for a gaming partner? Yea Only reason I suggested that is coz my wifey qquit  :normal-12: :normal-13: :normal-13:

Oh and you missed the part where Rev got hero bugged 0: Fully buffed 0: Then went beserk all over my thread and YT vid 0: 


Aint no time for this. Someone write 3-5 rows about what it is.

Its a modern day Soap Opera about lies, deceit, scamming, lust, bragging about assets and buying love and a single guy that just cannot get a wife, in a nutshell


10/10, would read again

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lol I knew something like this would come up.


lol I knew something like this would come up.

This type of thing is what makes the forum so much more interesting to visit everyday LOL

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This type of thing is what makes the forum so much more interesting to visit everyday LOL
this ^.

Currently Im flirting with some weird ugly gurl by messeges through forums. Shes trying to  seduce me and failed, because I notice right away. (14/05/2013)

Forums are interesting, yeah.

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  • Tori was here. <3

Please post more, 'twas a delightful read. :)

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lol what a News