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0FkGiven- The End

Offline Nimy

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Hello everyone,

After almost 3 years time has come for 0FkGiven to disband as well.
You may like or dislike the faction, but 0Fk has brought as much stability to the server throughout the past years as no other faction. Theres only a few pkers on the server that havent joined 0FkGiven at least once. The faction has won more DHs than any other faction will probably ever do, held more territories throughout these 3 years than anyone else and have kept pk alive as good as we could.
I want to thank every officer and member putting in daily dedication to keep the faction running, specially when i had less time. I couldnt list everyone involved but im sure everyone knows how much they did and i appreciate that. Also thanks to all the enemies for the great time we have had in pks, see you all around.
Leaving you all with a proud farewell and a small compilation Trappe has put together for us, shoutouts to him:

Other 0FkGiven compilation videos:

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Best Fac Best Lead Best 3 Years nub! will miss it and i remember the time i start in 0fck as fail ep :tiger-14:#Forevera0Fck!

 ωє ωєяє ℓιкє α ѕумρнσηу

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Regardless of everything in life has an end, but I never thought this day would come.
I guess it’s time to say Thanks for my second family for every single moment we had together , It was really an awesome journey even though i’m not a very old member but 0FK still best guild i ever joined and best family and friends I ever had.

Also special thanks for Florin for being a good brother in the first place and for being an amazing leader who could keep this guild alive for this long time , love u bro :normal-48:

Tons of best wishes for you all
Goodbye  :normal-48:
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Offline Billy Boy

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Love u guys xoxo
Idk but i dont think any1 will ever lead better than this guy , in matter of faction and squad.
Best leader , learned from him tbh guys ngl
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 :normal-12: :normal-12:

best lead.
thanks for everything boss. im proud that i became a 0fk family member.

good luck on your future en devours.

goodbye  :normal-48:

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Thx for the best moments i had with u guys love ya all ...Best leader Best Faction... Will miss everyone .. Wish everyone the best ❤️❤️❤️ 0FK#1

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Been a pleasure!

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0Fk the best love y'all fam ♥♥♥


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Sad but all good things come to an end.. It was fun asf fighting not only with but against all you 0fkers  :normal-48:

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hey guys im giving away left over aekkan cores that i never got to use, pm Nimy in game if u want them

Offline Gieve

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Best Faction Ever! 0fkGiven #1 Guild. Never thought this day will come. But everything has an end. 
Thanks you guys for being my Sisters, brother and family on this game.  Not my 1st guild on this game but 0fkGiven shows me 
what true guild means and Best guild on this game.

Special Thanks to Nimy  for being an amazing leader. Best Leader that i met. Thanks bro, Will not Forget you Loveyou  :normal-48:

GoodBye guys. Will miss you all  :normal-14: :normal-14: :normal-48: :normal-48:

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hey guys im giving away left over aekkan cores that i never got to use, pm Nimy in game if u want them
Ec me
“I think nature's imagination Is so much greater than man's, she's never going to let us relax”
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Farewell 0fk team and leadership... Glade and proud to be 2 and half years old member!.


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speechless :')....

Online hikaro's death

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 :normal-14: :normal-14: i cant believe )))): #0fkbest #iwillmisseveryone #0fkforever