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Eclipse Update v51

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Hey everyone.
This patch contains some changes to Dragon Hunt bosses, fixes and improvements to Heroic Battle and Capture The Flag and Uncharted Paradise reward claiming changes.
New genies, pets, mounts and fashion were added, along with custom titles and faction icons.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch

Offline Burdette

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-Dragon Hunt boss Aekkan will now spawn in 3 different spots at once with reduced HP. Each dragon will only drop 1 color item. Spawn area is same as before.
-Fixed HB/CTF entering bug
-Improved HB/CTF class teaming balance
-Uncharted Paradise reward can now be taken from Agent NPC instead of having to do quest
-Fixed bug with not being able to buy old dragon armors. They can now be crafted with 1 mirage celestone.

-Added Seeker 2x int top to new dragon armors
-Dull Ether Jade can now be crafted with 6 Damascene Ores
-You can now swap base helm types at any level armory monolith
-You can now see player class in front of their names in T menu by ticking the "Show class tag" button at bottom right.

-New genies have been added to Watcher of the Earth
-New pets and mounts added to Event Forge II
-New weapon fashion added to boutique and Male/Female Weapon Fashion III NPCs

-Added rewards for 2019 EPW Tournament participants
-Added custom titles - they will be sent within 48 hours
-Added faction titles
-Updated faction icons

If anyone still gets the message "Error retrieving character information for this account." then please make a Helpdesk post and write your username and character name.

Complete list
Regular Raccoon
Unspotted Puppy
Sir Sweet
Little Monkey
Giant Tortoise
Angry Wasp  (combat version has Gold Armor Deity)
Dark Antylope
Garry the Snail
Molten Giant  (skill Gold Armor Deity)
Brown Bear  (skill Combat Saint)
Burning Bike

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 Nice one finally! :normal-48: :normal-35:
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3 months for this  :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:

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and about nerfs?

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thank u so much Boss . keep it up
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 :)) The balance change is that they will add 2x interval on seeker top. What a joke! Bye epw.  :))
ty for update! 999x pe gift?

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Finally tnx for the patch :3

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Balance patch will come soon? 

Hb and ctf with higher rewards would be better after this long time without working.  :-[