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Hey, any OP PK red named wiz's out there? I just recently started playing wiz, and I wanna make it for pk only, so looking for advice from experienced wiz's. I wonder what is best for wizard: demon or sage, what r8 stats should be, what gear (pure r8, combo dragon/r8, belts, necklaces etc.), what skills useful in PK, genies, everything in other words. I understand ppl dont like to share their secrets, but any piece of information would be useful; if possible add ss of ur gear and stats pls.


Red name wiz = alt killer/afk killer/ 1hit lower lvl
culti depends on ur playstyle but demon is mostly 1v1and sage got beter nukes so sage more for mass pk
gear again depends on what u like but i suggest r8 armor with channeling, magic/str adds and r8 wep with atk lvl

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I know some Wizzies who are legit red names, it's a fun class to PK with! :)