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GM Damage Event Guide

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GM Damage Event Guide

Alright this Event is pretty simple i will make sure to post everything in detail to be even easier to understand. Will also post the prizes and how they will work.

First thing to do is pay attention to the Broadcast (red chat). GM's will announce it and since it takes around 2hours to host this event or more we do not want to waste time explaining things every minute so make sure to read everything here in first hand.

When the GM's announce this event you will have 2hours to participate or more depends on the GM's.

The players will need to PM the chosen GM at the time to teleport the players to the room where this event will take place.

Below we will explain the Rules for this event aswell as the Regulations that apply to the same.
  • Rules
    • The players can hit each GM 5 times;
    • Each player have 5minutes to spend on each GM to hit the 5 hits allowed;
    • Only self buffs are allowed;
    • Any Genie skill is allowed;
    • Any Chocolate of any Type allowed;
    • Shinning Pill is allowed;
    • Runes are allowed;
    • Class Blessing is allowed;
  • Regulations
    • A maximum of 4 players will be teleported at the same time to the event room, can be less players too depends on how many GM's will be online for the event.
    • Inside the event room, players will have to follow a simple path, Damage the GM that teleported, after the 5 hits or the 5 minutes the player will have to mvoe to the next GM designated at the time so pay attention there. *1
    • Each class will have 3 Winners.
    • Screenshots will be taken to be posted later and also to work as evidence.
  • Prizes
    • Prizes will be given to the first 3 places of each Class on each GM. *2
    • Prizes for 1st place:
      • Epic Coin x500
      • Event Token x5
      • Supply Token x300
    • Prizes for 2nd place:
      • Epic Coin x350
      • Event Token x3
      • Supply Token x200
    • Prizes for 3rd place:
      • Epic Coin x200
      • Event Token x2
      • Supply Token x100

*1 Explanation for this procedure:
  • Lets pretend for this explanation we have 4 GM's, EvilTouch, WathTower, Agatio and Coffee. We will be split inside the room for easier damage deal and due to AOE skill not kill other players. So lets say Agatio teleports 4 players, named X Y Z W. So the first player, X, will have a chance for 5 hits in 5 minutes, when the time is up or the 5 hits are done the player X will have to move to the next GM, which in this exemple will be Coffee. When player X goes to Coffee, the player Y will be starting to hit Agatio. When X is done will move to next GM which in this exemple will be WathTower. When players goes X goes to WathTower the player Y will go to Coffee and the player Z will start hitting Agatio. when the player X is done he will move to the next GM which in this example will be EvilTouch. When the players X moves to EvilTouch the player Y will move to WatchTower and the player Z will move to Coffee. When the player X is done hitting the last GM he will be forced to leave the room. This simple rotating system will happen til all the 4 players are done with their turns. Sounds weird Reading but its easy once u get, don't quit Reading this guide.
*2 Explanation of the Prizes:
  • Players can earn as many prizes as their places are. For exemple if player X get 1st place for hitting Agatio and get 3rd place for hitting WatchTower, the player will be able to get 4 Event Tokens as reward. This means that one single player can earn 3 x 1st place of all GM's. In Case of 1 GM doing this Event, then the accumulated rewards will not apply obviously, means that we will have a normal 3 winners for each class.
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